Thursday, 31 May 2012

Duck watch

OK, so Coots aren't ducks, but I'm not going to do separate posts on every species of bird that lives on the pond! Although everyone seems to love the Grebes, so maybe I'll try and get them with waterproof camera.
The coots have two nests on the buoys in the pond at the moment, which nobody seems to remember happening before, we're guessing it's probably because the winter ropes were in place for so long. They don't seem to mind a bit of gentle breast stroke, but there was a bit of squawking when I started taking photos, so I'll leave them to it now.


  1. The Grebe ducklings/goslings (grebelings?) are very adorable, and surprisingly relaxed in the presence of pink bobbing heads.

    Brave snap. The coot warning noises are surprisingly intimidating when up close at eye level.

    1. Hi Nick, those Coots are still sitting there! I wonder how long they nest for?
      I'll try and get some pics of the Grebes next time I make it to the pond earlier enough.

  2. I feel like I've walked in on a meeting of the ornithological society ;)
    Strangely pleased to know that those birds are called Coots. K