Sunday, 3 June 2012

Men's pond swimming group

On Friday night some swimmers from the men's pond had a meeting with Jane Shallice and other members of the Kenwood Ladies Pond Association. Under discussion, amongst other things was the proposed work on the dams and potential compulsory charges being bought in when the work is done. One of the other points discussed was the formation of an official Men's Swimming Association, so that we are organised and can represent our members views clearly should the time come when we want to have our say on any of the major decisions at the pond.
As I understand it, in addition to the KLPA and the Mixed Pond Swimmers group, we also have the United Swimmers Association which is concerned with all three ponds and the lido, but we don't have a dedicated men's pond group. This is something I (and others at the meeting on Friday) would like to rectify. I think we would all welcome advice and help from the USA in doing this, but initially (over the next week or so if possible) I would like to collect the names and contact details of anyone interested in becoming a member of the new group. I have a list of some of the men who were at the meeting, who I feel sure share the views that the work on the dams is undesirable, and compulsory charging equally unwanted, but I'm very keen to add to the list. If you want to join the new group and would like to air your views about the pond (whatever they may be) please email me your name and phone number. Once we have a decent number of people interested we can arrange a meeting and discuss our first steps (chairmen, structure of the group, our aims etc).
The new dams would presumably result in the removal of some of the six trees at the far end of the pond and dramatically change the view below. If that's something you feel strongly about please get in touch.


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  1. yes Ben, thanks for taking the initiative. We need to get organised asap.
    Regards, Torsten

  2. Yep, lets get something sorted out.

  3. Sounds like a great idea. Please keep us informed, on this blog if you can, on the progression of a Men's Swimming Group.

  4. Ben, well done for getting things moving on the Association!