Wednesday, 4 April 2012

More from the ladies pond

Here's some slightly more recent pics from the ladies pond, I like these but I didn't take as many good one as I was hoping for. Since it's such a rare opportunity to swim at the ladies, I felt like I had to cram everything in, taking in the view, chatting, a nice long swim, pictures, croissants...!! It all whizzed by in bit of a rush. I should have some others up in the next few days though.


  1. Hello Cold Pond Water guy

    Have you got an email address?

    Love from The Kentishtowner (info[at]]

  2. PS - great blog!

  3. lovely blog and pics. hope you might enjoy our book Taking the Waters: A Swim Around Hampstead Heath, published next month, 200 years of glorious outdoor bathing at the ponds...would love your feedback

  4. Thanks for the nice comments guys. I'll be in touch soon Kentish Towner.
    I think I had a chat with Ruth at the men's pond some time last year, I'll definitely be buying a copy of the book, and I'll give it a mention on here at some point soon.

  5. www.ruthcorney.com27 May 2012 at 12:59

    hi,Ruth Here..i love these photos..
    I hope you like our book!

  6. Hi Ruth, thank you!
    I had a quick look at your book in the shop the other day, it looks great. I will be buying a copy soon, so I'll give it a mention here when I do.