Saturday, 31 March 2012

Ladies pond visit

Since news of our invite to swim with the ladies first broke, it's been the main topic of conversation most mornings down at the men's pond. "Are you going?"...."What time are will you get there?" "7.29!" As it turned out, I was my usual 10-15 minutes late, but thankfully we were graciously granted an extra half an hour than was previously advertised. We were also treated to coffee, croissants and a very friendly atmosphere. It was quite busy when I arrived, with some very happy men milling around chatting and plenty already in the pond. I'm pleased to say that there were some women there as well, I wouldn't like to think we'd put too many off!
The fantastic pics below are from Terry at the men's pond, thanks very much for letting me have them. I'll put some of my own pics up from today when I've had a chance to go through them properly. If anyone has some they would like to me put up I'd be happy to do so, pics from ladies welcome as well, the blog can be unisex! Let me know in the comments or via email: benmenashe*at*hotmail*dot*com
Lastly, a big thank you to everyone at the ladies pond for inviting us over. It's a very special place, we all had a good swim and a great start to the day.


  1. great pics. It'd be good so see some old ones of the mens pond too. Missed you this morning mate. It was a beautiful still morning with hardly anyone there. The water is really clear now too

  2. I've got some of the old blokes as well, I'll have a look through this week and find a few good ones.

  3. I love these photos, and the other, more modern ones, on your blog. I teach swimming and write a blog. I would like to use one of these old pics on a posting I am writing about the Ladies pond. Would that be OK? Jane

    1. Hi Jane,
      I got the images from one of the lifeguards at the men's pond who has a great collection of pics. I'm guessing he'd probably be ok with it, but I think I should check first. If you email me to give me a bit more info and/or send me a link to your blog I'll have a word with the lifeguard asap. benmenashe *at* hotmail *dot* com