Friday, 20 July 2012

Open Country

Open Country on Radio 4 had a program about the ponds on yesterday. You can listen to it here and download it here if you want to listen on the move. Morning swimmers at the Men's Pond will recognise a familar voice straight away. The program starts at the Mixed Pond and then takes a tour round the Ladies (outside the gate obviously, since we have a male presenter), and then finishes up at the Men's Pond. Being a dedicated swimmer at the Men's I could have done with a bit more there, but it's still a very enjoyable listen.

On a completely unrelated subject, did anyone actually see any ladies at the pond today? I think the winter swimming ladies must be more committed.


  1. Two words that will possibly answer your question... school holidays! I'm not sure if it's the same on your side of the world, but in these parts, every habit and routine is rudely interrupted every school holiday ;)

  2. Maybe. It is school hols now, but the women I see at the men's pond are usually, how shall I put it... a tad more mature?